Employment Tips

Tailor your resume to the types of jobs you want. Learn how to tailor your resume to best highlight skills and experiences for a specific position. Make sure to double check grammar and punctuation throughout your resume as well.

Dress neatly and appropriately. In any interview or job process, remaining appropriate and neat when dressing plays a huge role when being considered for a position. Cleanliness is also a big factor when dressing for an interview.

Know your available schedule. Make sure your availability matches the job requirements. Be prepared to tell them what hours and days you are available to work. Be upfront about your schedule and/or previous engagements you have made prior.

Bring a copy of your resume. Some interviewers find it intriguing when an interviewee brings a resume with them for the interview process. Not only do some employers expect a person to bring a resume with them but it also shows preparedness and assurance in the position you have applied for.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Employers like when you come prepared with questions. Asking a question when you don’t know something is very important. This will save you time and allow you to complete more tasks instead of being knee high in confusion. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions.

Be polite and courteous at all times. No one likes a Negative Nancy or a Grumpy George. Just remember that the way you perceive yourself to be in the interview is how the employer will perceive you to be whether it is true or not. Be yourself, and don’t forget to smile!

Keep your resume updated. If you have made a change to your address, phone number, work history, etc. be sure to make the changes on your resume as well. You want to make sure all information is up to date. For example, Most of the time the employers will use the phone number on your resume to come in contact with you.

Stay tech savvy. Most employers now look for applicant’s information for their position online. Such sites as; Indeed.com, CareerBuilder.com, Monster.com, etc. With that being said do not exclude putting your resume on one or any of those job sites simply because there are many job opportunities available.

Take Notes: Write things down! It’s a quick way to stay organized with your day to day tasks. Until you become familiar to your new job routine, you may have a ton of other things to deal with in addition to performing well on your job. Keep things in order by having a note book for personal matters and work related affairs and bring them everyday

Be on time, leave on time: A critical part of creating a good first impression is being on time. Working your full scheduled hours and making sure to keep track of time while on lunch is essential. Give yourself extra time if you know it’s necessary.